Log Railing

Top Notch Logworks Inc. produces and installs thousands of lineal feet of log railing each year. Because of the large volume of material we purchase and our building techniques, Top Notch is able to sell and install log railing at very competitive prices. Don’t settle for “cookie cutter” machine turned rail when you can have natural handcrafted rail for the same cost.


We use either Rocky Mountain Lodge-pole or Eastern Red Cedar materials to build our railing. Lodge-pole pine’s long, straight, and lightweight characteristics made it ideal for Tepee poles, and also make it ideal for log railing. Most of the log railing here in the Rockies has been built using this material.Eastern Red Cedar is fine grained with pinkish brown heartwood that is light and very durable and yet very resistant to rot. It will typically last 3-4 times longer than Lodge-pole material.


Most of the railing we do has the bark removed by hand peeling it with drawknives but we also offer bark on and power-washed materials. Power washing leaves the cambium layer on the wood and many times shows bug tracks and other character elements. Why have a perfectly round machine turned rail when you can show off natures beauty?


Top Notch highly recommends a quality log oil finish for your new railing. If you specify the stain color and brand you prefer we can preapply a coat of finish in our shop so you will only need to apply the second coat once the rail has been installed.


Get a Quote
Top Notch can prefabricate your rail for easy installation by you or your contractor, or if you are in Pitkin, Eagle, Garfield, Summit, or Mesa counties of Colorado we can do it for you. To get a quote all we need is an accurate measurement of where you intend to install the rail. We can give you pointers on how to get these measurements.


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